Texas Bed Trucks

Texas Bed Trucks

Rice Bros. Trucking Ltd. has well-equipped Texas-Bed Winch Trucks with 40 Ton Winches capable of hauling:

  • 400 barrel tanks
  • Spot Matting
  • Blowback tanks
  • Skid-mounted ‘P’ tanks
  • Frac equipment
  • Rig shacks
  • Wellsites
  • Rig matting
  • Facility buildings
  • Tri-Drive Texas-Bed Winch Trucks

Our Texas Bed Trucks are also the perfect option to easily haul:

  • Graders CATs
  • Snowplows
  • Tractors farm equipment
  • Drilling equipment
  • Rig matting

All Winch Trucks available with option of hi-boy or low-boy trailer units.

Heavy Hauling

Heavy Hauling

Rice Bros. Trucking Ltd. is motivated to be your heavy hauling logistic team. We can load, secure, and haul just about any size machine, tank, building, and service rig, including compressors, separator packages, structures, rock trucks, scrapers, paving equipment, track hoes, cats, multchers, brush tractors, graders, gravel crushers, and conveyors. Whether it is a multiple axle super-load or a 1,000 BBL tank, you can count on Rice Bros. Trucking Ltd. to deliver your goods to a job-site where it is assembled by our highly skilled crew.

Rice Bros Trucking Ltd.’s heavy and over-dimensional trailer fleet includes Tandem Tri Drive Texas Beds available with Tri-Low Trailers and equipped with chock blocks for stuck and tow; moving 400 BBL tanks, cement and tank farms, small building, pull pipes, directional boring, pipe and pipelines, Service Rig Moves, and location work.

Our Trailers include Safety Rail Pipe Trailers, Scissor Neck Tri-Low Trailers, Double Drop Trailers with 29’ footwell for separator packages, buildings and tanks; 16 and 24 Low Pro Wheeler Trailers and 1,000 BBL capacity Tank Cradle Trailer.

Our Pickers include 45 Ton, 30 Ton, 20 Ton and 14 Ton all equipped with spreader bars and are capable of loading, securing and hauling handle rods, tubing, casing, drill pipe, collars, matting, tanks, catwalks, service rig moves, wireline, tank farms, frac spooling, plant turnarounds, and pipeline. The 45 Ton Picker is capable of lifting 50,000 lbs at 12 feet.

We pride ourselves in our professional drivers’ ability to deliver safely and on time. Our specialized fleet allows for us to customize each move as needed and as an added bonus, Rice Bros. Trucking Ltd. arranges all the permits and provisions needed for each move.

Rice Bros. Trucking Ltd. can haul the following equipment using the 16 Low Pro Jeep & 24 Low Profile Trailer with 8 Wheel Booster:

  • Rock trucks
  • Scrapers
  • Paving equipment
  • Track hoes
  • Cats
  • Mulcher / Bush tractors
  • Graders
  • Service rigs
  • Drilling rig moves
  • Gravel crushers / Conveyors
  • Mud shack
  • Compressors
  • Separator packages
  • Structures
Picker Truck Fleet

Picker Truck Fleet

Rice Bros. Trucking Ltd.’s fleet includes Picker Trucks with capacities of 45 Ton, 30 Ton, 20 Ton and 14 Ton.

Our Pickers are capable of:

  • Turnarounds
  • Plant and battery work
  • Picking up and moving rig matting on location
  • Hauling Safety Rail Trailers
  • Heavy lifting
  • Performing a lift as required; rig shacks, well heads, shacks, and other rig equipment
  • Lift empty propane tanks, move joints
  • Moving pipe from location to location
  • Separator buildings, etc.
  • Heavy lifting
  • Wellhead buildings
  • Man basket work
  • Spot rig matting

Our 45 Ton Picker boasts 110 feet of stick and a dual winch with whip line & has the capability to lift 1,000 BBL tanks.

Pilot Trucks

Pilot Trucks

Our Pilot Truck service provides your needs for high, wide, long, heavy haul, over dimensional loads. Late model, well maintained Pilot Trucks (only pick-ups) properly equipped including CB, handhelds, and GPS. Professionally trained, we have reliable Pilot Truck drivers.

Rig Matting

Rig Matting

Mats can be rented out on a daily basis, weekly, or monthly basis or by lease, if needed. Call Dispatch for additional details. Rice Bros. Trucking Ltd. will load the matting, as many as your company requires and haul it to the lease or location that your company requires.

Rig Matting Available in:
8 X 20 feet or 8 X 40 feet
Over 100 Rig Mats Available!

All of our rig matting is durable and capable of holding any load as needed. All rig matting is new and in good condition. Rig matting is used when wet conditions or lease conditions require additional support for any equipment such as rig equipment, tanks, drilling equipment, etc. Rice Bros. Trucking Ltd. can haul rig matting that could be used for additional access in remote locations or to increase your productivity. Perhaps your company requires rig mats in order to protect sensitive terrain; Rice Bros. Trucking Ltd. can haul the rig mats for that situation as well.

Specialty Trailers

Specialty Trailers

Rice Bros. Trucking Ltd. has very good quality Safety Trailers to rent. The Safety Trailers have custom-built safety rails on all sides that have passed safety inspections performed by safety personnel for very large oil companies. The Safety Trailers meet all OHS regulations. They may be rented on a daily rate or a per location rate. All trailers are up to code and fully inspected yearly.

Quality Safety Inspected Trailers

  • Tank Cradle Trailer – 750 BBL to 2,000 BBL
  • 24 Wheel Low Profile Trailer
  • 45 Ton 16 Wheel Lo-Pro Jeep
  • 48 foot tri-axle Safety Trailers with Safety Rails and Egress to move pipe to location
  • 53 foot Tri-axle Safety Trailers with Safety Rails and Egress to move pipe to location
  • 48 foot or 53 foot Trailers may hold and store pipe on location
  • Double Drop Trailer

We now own 5-24 Low Profile Trailers.

Tank Cradle Trailer

Tank Cradle Trailer

Why your company should use a tank cradle:

  • More efficient
  • Much safer
  • Reduces level of risk to employees, contractors, and other personnel on site
  • No swamper or employee has to climb to unsafe heights, especially during in-climate weather
  • Reduce risk of climbing onto tank roofs with unknown conditions, such as sloped or degrading quality or lack of handrails
  • A patented* hydraulic self loading and unloading tank mover does the work for you
  • Raises and lowers tanks safely and damage-free

Want to see it in action? Have a quick watch of the video.