Stacey’s New Truck

Rice Bros. Trucking Ltd. has just made another freight truck purchase that he is really pleased about. He just bought a truck from a company based near where he grew up, which was the Eastern Townships in Quebec. The new truck is a 2007 Peterbilt Longnose and Stacey is claiming it as his own freight truck! Pictures will have to come later, as we have to get it out here to Alberta!

The freight side of Rice Bros. Trucking Ltd. has been steadily growing. Over the last six months we have been hauling alfalfa seeds from a local company here in southern Alberta to the western states.

It is exciting to haul local freight down to Washington and Oregon and then bring back fresh produce for grocery chains in Alberta! Much of the produce you are buying in the stores comes from California, Arizona and Texas.

We can pick up or deliver to all 48 states that make up the continental US; any freezer or reefer loads. We have excellent and dependable drivers and will work with you to get your loads where they need to go. All of our freight units are tracked by GPS, so we can communicate with your Dispatcher at any time. As I am writing this, our President, Stacey Rice, is actually on his way back from picking up the first of the seasons nursery shrubs and bushes.

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